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Cornerstone Kids meet during our Friday Celebration Meetings, with children heading to classes for various age groups at the start of the meetings. There will be classes during service on both our On-Island and Off-Island Locations, please register your kids.

Kids will join FOR WORSHIP FIRST at 9:30 AM before breaking to classes.

We have five groups: 
DOVES (0-2) & nursing mums
LAMBS (3&4) 
BEARS (5&6) 
EAGLES (7&8) 
LIONS (9-11) 

Our children’s ministry follows the "Kids Carrying The Kingdom" curriculum developed by Mike and Marilyn Seth, from Bethel Church in Redding, California. This not only builds up children in their knowledge of Bible stories, but also encourages them to apply what they have learnt into their young lives through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. Children who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour are encouraged to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit just as believing parents are.

Our approach to children's ministry is that it is neither child-minding nor "church" for children, but a safe and fun place where children can grow in their understanding of the gospel of Christ in order to be fruitful members of the church as a whole.


11 - 13 YEARS

Emerge Youth is the latest edition of the youth community at Cornerstone. This group is for any and all young people who are 12 and 13 years old [year 7 & 8 in the British system and grade 6 & 7 in the American and IB systems].

We are all about connecting with new friends and an amazing team of youth leaders while having a lot of fun together as we explore the grace and truth of Jesus!


This group is interactive! We like to explore together, discuss together and learn together. No session or event is just about sitting and listening to what someone else thinks. We read and discuss God’s word together to see what HE thinks, and every question is a good question as we grow together!


And we are also interACTIVE! We love action: games, activities, competition and even the odd prize!


We are called EMERGE because we pray that as our group is emerging into their teenage years they will also be emerging into new life in Christ, through the Holy Spirit.

"Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!" 2 Corinthians 5:17


We meet every 1st and 3rd Friday mornings, during the Cornerstone gathering, and every 4th Friday evening from 6 – 8 pm.


14 - 18 YEARS

One of the coolest Youth groups in town, Cornerstone’s STRIPE (the S is for Salvations, T for Transformation, R for Revelation, I for Imagination, P for Passion for Jesus, and E for Eternally) is a multi-cultural gathering of high school-age believers and seekers, from 14 to 18 [British System 9+  |  American & IB Systems - Grade 8+].

Led by eldership couple Duane and Isabel Furstenburg, STRIPE usually meets on alternate Friday evenings from 6pm-9:30pm. The guys catch up over food before STRIPE's own band Relentless kicks off the worship part of the evening with great new songs, including some of their own. The format for every evening is flexible and fun, but one thing is guaranteed: the Word of God will be central, and will be unpackaged in such an imaginative and engaging way that the life-lessons will be hard to forget.

Away from home, the STRIPE gang are adventurous travellers. Frequent visitors to Sri Lanka, STRIPE's leaders and members organize and host the annual STRIPE Truth Conference in Colombo, which attracts up to 700 youth from all over the country. They also regularly join other members of Cornerstone on ministry trips to countries such as Sri Lanka, India and Nepal, where their testimonies and skits have won them many friends. Closer to home, visits to Snake Gorge in Oman and overnight stays at regional activity and water parks have been purely for fun, but have built-up character and camaradery. 

They may be faithful, fun and fearless, but one of the best qualities of this amazing group of young people is that although they are super cool, they are not too cool to embrace newcomers - even the quietest 14 year old will be warmly welcomed on their first visit to STRIPE and will find themselves included in the fun by a bunch of new brothers and sisters.  

For further information about STRIPE Youth, check the Calendar on this site; or call Duane Furstenburg on 055 100 3976; or e-mail

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